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Random Funny Gameplay Videos - https://www.youtube.com/MiroGaming

�� Welcome To The Stream Everybody, Hope You Enjoy Watching Me Play Games And Do Random Stuff In Them.

�� Support the stream by donating :- https://streamlabs.com/mirogaming

�� Trying to make this as my full time job, so all donations are much appreciated but will never be asked for. Thank you for all the support!

�� Links :-

Twitter - https://twitter.com/MiroTheCate
Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/mirothecate/

�� Rules :-
English and Hindi Chat Only
No Use Of Extreme Language Or Curse Words
If You Do, First I'll Warn You And 2nd You'll Get A Time Out And Last Probably A Ban
So Please Don't
Don't Spam
Don't Post Any Links
No Copy/Pasta
Be Respectful To Each Other
Feedback Would Be Appreciated.

PS:- I Try To Read Chat As Much As Possible, So Be Patient If It Takes Time For Me To Read It. I Might Be Busy Doing Something In Game.

Well Anyways Have Fun Watching The Stream And Stay Awesome.

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