Streamer is offline
My adventure times moved to twitch! You may follow me there
My real name is Michaela but rumours have it that I've been called the coolest Slav on DLive.......*wink*

I am 22 years old and I'm from the heart of Europe - Czech Republic (that's why the accent)
I study linguistics + literature in English and I enjoy gaming, traveling and art.

I speak three languages (learning 4th at the moment) so you can come say hi in either English, Czech, French or very basic Hebrew - however I'd like to keep the conversation in the chat going in English so everyone can join!
Note that regular visitors will have the privilege to learn some Czech words (yes...swear words included....:DD)

Since I'm back at school, I only stream on Sundays for now. May add Thursdays if things go well.
There may be ocassional off schedule streams - if you wanna be informed just join my DC :).

I like basically all types of games except for sport ones. Currently I am mostly streaming Minecraft.

I am no pro so if you like laughing at people failing miserably, this is the channel to visit :DD...

You can stalk my interesting life on Instagram by clicking the image
You can also join my little community on Discord and share your best memes with us
I may be a linguist but I don't speak all languages, with that being said, please do not annoy the audience and me with random phrases in random languages, thanks.

Don't spam, I see youuuuu.
Don't ask for chest.
Don't be rude to me or my viewers and we will be great friends.

I do not mind political or religious discussions if they remain calm and respectful.
You can now also find me on Youtube by clicking on the image and check out some funny compilations from streams.