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Name: Matt
Age: 20
Where do you Live?: Toronto, Canada
What do you Study?: Economics and Finance - 3rd year
Measurements: 6'3'', 210lbs, 12" ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Are you a Chef?: No, the name is a play on Master Chief. Although Cooking Stream Soon™ maybe?

Halo: I used to play Halo 1-3 and then Reach and ODST with my brothers back in the day. I also played the Halo CE ports on PC as kid. I've moved away from console gaming, and exclusively play on PC so huge nostalgia and excitement for MCC coming to PC.

Other Games I play: League of Legends (Diamond Riven Main), CSGO (I'm trash), Fortnite (also trash), Nintendo games (LoZ, Mario, Smash, Pokemon) and many games on Steam.

Other Interests: NBA (Raps and Mavs fan), MMA (Stylebender all the way), Music (diverse taste)
My main streaming Platform is Twitch. If you enjoy the content, support me there as I will be streaming there exclusively once I get affiliate.
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Here I plan to post Stream Highlights and Content for those who missed the stream.
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Community discord. Come chill, and I like to talk and play with viewers from time to time.
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