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[UPDATE]: I wont be streaming for a couple of month cuz I'm really busy with some stuff but thank you very much for the support. 💚

Streaming schedule: usually on Saturdays

Hi! I'm MisterGore! I was a streamer/youtuber who has quit months ago for not being able to afford to invest so much time in it anymore as I used to. However I've got into a major FOMO after I've heard on r/btc that Pewdipie is joining the platform.I was around Dlive when it started off on the Steem blockchain. I was really excited for the platform since it is a combination of two things I really like: blockchain and live streaming. While I'm not planning to come back you might see me stream for a couple of times while the hype is still on cuz I want to be a part of this very important and literally game changing movement.

National Anthem of Dlive: https://dlive.tv/FearBumper76

DISCORD: https://discord.gg/4C3QYyZ

Dlive's chat system has a limit so I can't read all of it.
If you want to make sure I see your message then hit me up on Discord!