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Weights. Whisky. Whisking.

I started streaming September 2019. Our stream has evolved from baking to cooking & baking to a mix of dancing & cooking & baking. I like to have a really good time learning my way around the kitchen and helping to teach you along the way. I'm not trained. I'm not educated in culinary arts. I'm just a guy who likes to cook and bake.

I like to stay fit. Gotta pick up the heavy stuff and put it down, make the legs and arms move to keep the dumb heart healthy.
I started doing gym streams to help support and inspire.

I live in Louisiana. I have a Bachelor's in Chemistry from Louisiana State University. I work as a chemist for my full-time job. I'm in my 30s. 5'6" 190lbs. My left ear is not as even as my right one. I have a lot of opinions about music. I like Vonnegut.
If you're enjoying the stream, donations are a lovely way to show your appreciation of the content!

Donate to Misterwhisky by visiting www.misterwhisky.live/tip
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Donations over $20 receive a pair of MISTERWHISKY THUGLIFE sunglasses. Unfortunately, US only at this time.
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Kitchen Streams (twitch only)
Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday
Starting around 6-7pm CST

Gym Streams (multi-stream)
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday
Starting around 4pm CST

Weekend Gym streams likely. Kitchen streams possible.
Gym streams will be multi-streamed to many platforms. I want to share in as much fitness as possible. These will be on Mixer, Facebook, and DLive.
Kitchen streams are exclusive to Twitch. I am Twitch affiliated and really enjoy the community I've built there.

My twitch channel is www.twitch.tv/misterwhisky

Top Bit Donator and Top Gifted Subs for January will receive a Mardi Gras King Cake package to their door, courtesy of my favorite local bakery. I try to support those who support me!

And! Top Clipper for January will receive baked goods from me!

Giveaways are sadly limited to the US until we can afford international giveaways!

If you're interested in participating in these but are on a multistream site, I will consider donations instead of bits. Slide into my DMs and talk to me about it