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🌺 Mo - Th: 04:00 pm or 05:00 pm >> Open End.

🌺 Fr: Most of the Time no stream.

🌺 Sat: 06:00 pm or 08:00 pm >> Open End.

🌺 Sun: 08:00 am or 10:00 am >> Open End.
Here are some RULES, because We're here to have some fun:

🌟 1║no politics, 2║no racism, 3║no self promotion without permission, 4║no spamming, 5║Don't be stupid, 6║no religion, 7║no links.

🌟 Asking for Chest = Instant Ban


🌟 Pls gtfo with the Chest! Noone cares noone wants u, just stfu.

🌟 Everyone who follows me is GAY!
It's not a Command, it's the truth. :D
Don't worry it's free :D

I'm streaming on Twitch, aswell. >

Thanks. :)
Hello Everyone Part 1

My Name is Momo aka Mitverlaub or SirLanzelot.
I'm f***ing Handsome, love Girls and to debate, but not with them. :D
Clever, nice, beautiful, have almost no hair and i have a dark and british humour.
I have a Full-Time-Job and i am single.

Btw. I speak only 3 Languages, German, Turkish and English.
Games i like.
🔥 Starcraft/Broodwar und SC2.
🔥 Path of Exile.
🔥 Stardew Valley.
🔥 TemTem
🔥 Anno 1404 und 1800.
🔥 Diablo 4. :)
🔥 Age of Empires II.
🔥 Stronghold Crusader.
🔥 World of Warcraft (Classic).
Games i dont like.
🗑 Kack Simulatoren zb. Truck-, Landwirtschafts- oder Polizeisimulator.
🗑 Sport Games.
🗑 Shooter.
🗑 Diablo 3.
🗑 LoL (Riot Games and the Community)
🗑 Mobile Games.
Part 2

I love too cook, dance, sleep, read a book, but only outside, hate the most of the humans, but im respectful and try as hard as possible to not curse. :D
Im Tilt Proof and reformed.

I wish i could be a Full-Time-Streamer, because i wouldn't need to shower :D
No Affront, but i really dont care about ur opinion, if u wanna debate with me or someone else, fine. But i really really dont care to be honest. :D
Except i like u, u can proof it or im not sure.
But most of the time im right, so dont cry thanks.
If u have some problems with someoneelse in the chat or with me, pls speak!
I'll take care of it!

Ps: If u r Gay, really really Gay pls dont be offended. Ppl here r funny, smart and handsome and they like other ppl.
Don't have.