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Who am i?
Contrary to my channel name, I'm actually called Alex and I've just turned 20 years old as of Feb 11th (wew adulthood)

I've been playing games since i was a little kid, first started off with many of the James bond titles for PS1 and stayed a sony fanboy up until the end of the PS3 era.

My favourite game of all time is Gregory Horror Show for the PS2, this game is most definitely holding a place in my heart for all eternity.

Outside of gaming i work at my local clown burger restaurant known as McDonald's. I've also recently started going to the gym to get beefed up for comicon so i can do Jo-Jo cosplays and look cool.

If you wanna know more feel free to drop a message in chat or use my free ask box (currently maybe in development and will be explained in another section)

What are my rules?
This stream is intended to be 18+, although i cannot prevent younger viewers from joining. Essentially if you are under 18 you're alright to be here if you can handle swearing, vulgar topics, dark humour etc etc, but don't blame me if in a few years you become a socially inept creep filled with references and jokes people will look down at you for.

No talk of politics/gender politics/Trump or any other world leader or government issues unless it's a major news headline and i dedicate part of the stream to talking about that specific subject.

No racism/homophobia/or abusing any other viewer or myself or mods.

Swearing is allowed i don't care what profanity you use in that regard.

No links in chat, if you have a link to something i will most likely set up a separate ask box for links that will be checked before opening.

Dark humour and morbid jokes are allowed, still, no racist ones or any other discriminatory types of jokes.

Rules will most likely be added in future.

What makes me different from other streamers?
I see on twitch and other platforms that a lot of streamers like to make the experience all about them rather than their community. I aim to change this.

I want to include everyone in my streams, and give back to the community in ways that will leave a lasting impression on my fanbase (if and when it builds up)

I aim to do this in a number of ways:

Have a free ask box separate from donation messages that i will respond to on stream at certain periods during the stream

Have a dedicated fan day each week where at random, one viewer is selected to come on stream and play a game with me, during this stream this lucky individual will get to share with the community a bit about themselves, talk to me about whatever they please (within TOS guidelines) I will also purchase the requested game for the viewer if they don't already have it (this is with donated funds, thus returning part of what is given to me back to you)

Give the chance for donators to win cash in a live competition that will be announced at a later date

generally look into my community members and try to keep up with what's going on in people's lives, tell me how your day is going and let me know what's new in your life, i'd love to know what my community is getting up to.

What is my schedule?

as of the current moment, just when i can really, i now work 4 nightshifts weekly monday to thursday, so probably from 8 to 10/11 most days par weekends, sundays probably a longer, later stream.

any other questions can be asked in the chat, i will try to respond if and when i see them, don't be upset if i don't answer the question first time, just try again or leave the question in my ask box (most likely just gonna be an email really.