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-no spam
-don't bag out stream
-don't smack talk anyone else in chat unless he is being rude other wise be nice
NOTE if u don't follow the rules it will result in a mute or a time out by my moderators.

About ME and STREAM
HELLO MY NAME IS moontiger
join my discord
i stream when every i want so that's most days.
but every Friday afternoon i have a D&D stream.
give us a follow and ill give u shout out .
if u donate it helps with the streams so i can buy more games to play.
my computer specs are.
1050ti - gpu
i5 7500 - cpu
B250DH - motherboard

only donate if u want
donate if u can plz it helps so much by the game to play and requirements for better streams.
have fun.
Follow me PLZ
join me on the socials
follow me i update everything there
join the discord for some fun with other of my followers to become a mod u have to be active not just in the streams but the discord to.