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If you ask me on how you can show support towards my stuff I will tell you in return "I shall let you decide that."

Seriously, I leave that decision up to you. I do not control your life so make your own decisions :)
I am a jack of all trades, or at least to what I know. Of what I plan on doing with this channel.

-Games (obviously)
-ROM Hacks
-Cars & Autobody (future endeavors)
-Paranormal Investigation (future endeavors)

There's a lot of things I want to get back to doing in real life. Sadly money is very limited right now so one thing at a time!
-My Rules-

-No racism bullshit
-Rated T for Teen on Up
-Keep things clean
-Open minds are welcome though don't be a snowflake
-No harassment towards others
-Advertising your own channel is okay as we all need word spread around
I am trying to reach a goal on here for the monetization. Due to not being able to obtain any jobs while being on a low income I need help to reach the goal on here for the monetization bit.

I deeply hate begging for help but a person needs to survive especially on trying to get a steady income to build up towards a home business. So please, click that follow and ride life with me!
When life gives you lemons...

Even if you don't donate a lemon that's perfectly fine so don't feel pressured into it!