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*Name's Crow (literally) and I am a Full-Time streamer at the moment. I'm not the brightest birb, and plenty goofy, but my heart's at least in the right place. Currently residing in Kansas, USA, and am 23. I'm also a Diesel Mechanic in training and though I'm still learning about vehicles, clearly I'm a truck lover, I LOVE talking about them!

And this is where I run out of things to say so.....caw xD*

I am a variety streamer, I play what I enjoy and what interests me.

Daily - Whenever I Wake Up
*I have insomnia, so I'm normally up for, on average, 15-16hrs before I'm finally able to crash for around 10hrs. Because of this, my sleep cycle is all sorts of wack. Be sure to keep an eye out on your alerts here on DLive and over on Discord for when I go live!*

Welcome to House Corvidae! Simply type !discord in chat to be taken to the Murder. Before you do, however, I'd like to take a moment to inform you on HOW exactly to join:

When you first join House Corvidae you'll be greeted by a single text channel. This channel is our ToS and I advise reading over it as once you fully join you admit to being aware of the rules, whether you read them or not.

Though self-explanatory if you read till the end of the rules, simply click the House Corvidae Crest emote at the bottom and our Gatekeeper bot will assign you your role, effectively joining our community.

House Corvidae is a very calm and relaxed community, as such if you're looking for a wild, constantly active server you won't find that here. Everyone's approachable and everyone's family and to me I take that word literally. I hope you have a good time here and make plenty of lifelong memories!

This is a lighthearted, relaxed community and as such no offensive language (racial slurs for example), insults or bullying of any kind will be tolerated (there is a difference between joking around and being a dick).
NO BACKSEAT GAMING (if I need/want help I won't hesitate to ask, I do enjoy figure things out on my own).
Feel free to ask questions!
Have fun and enjoy the game! Make new friends and memories!