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I run two commercials and am not paid for either; at least not anymore.
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While not a dyed in the wool gamer like my brother, GunnyTheGrey, I enjoy sitting down and getting my stupid on from time to time. If you're looking for constant content I do recommend checking out my brother, he puts a few thousand hours a year into streaming. However, if you're here to check me out then kick back, grab your favorite beverage or snack, and have a good time! Warning: sometimes my internet gets a little weird and starts flickering in and out. I'm a father of 3 boys, own my own small business and work odd jobs as 1099 for a few of my former employers when they need help and I have availability, so I can't really commit to a streaming schedule of any sort because, unfortunately, adulting takes priority.

Have fun but be respectful
Cordial asshattery permitted, but don't push peoples buttons to be mean
No follows for follows or shameless self promotion
I'm always open to suggestions but won't be told what to do or how to do it
Pointers are cool, spoilers are not

I spend most of my time playing Arma III and DayZ. I'm not one for trends so you usually don't catch me playing the newest thing. When you think of my channel, think of it like visiting the monkey section of the zoo to watch them throw crap at each other and you'll be pretty much right over target. I'm not even that good, but I enjoy doing dumb stuff for lulz and for science. I don't get mad about dying or losing; you've got to take pride in what you are good at. Being that I have been and will be remodeling my home, I might do some streams that revolve around the construction process. I have 16 years of experience between several trades, am a certified home inspector and have a passion for doing things with my hands. I have a love hate relationship with my Jeeps; I love beating on them on the trails but hate working on them to do it again. I will be unable to live stream on the trails but will make an honest effort to get some footage to share, and I'll also do a series on various automotive repairs.

My computer is almost all second hand parts picked up from craigslist on the cheap or recycled from older computers. It's like making a Ford Pinto into a race car and hoping you finish the race before dying in the inevitable car fire. Being that I am more like a caveman than a tech guy, I strongly recommend following my brother because he is the guy I always bother when restarting the computer or program doesn't work. If you ask me you'll probably get memed because I have not the slightest clue.

Chassis - Dell OptiPlex 9020
CPU - Intel i7-4790 (not the k!!!)
GPU - Zotac GTX 1080 mini (needed the smaller gpu to fit in my chassis)
RAM - G Skill 16GBx4 ]
Storage - 2x 500GB Samsung Evo (850 and 860) SSD
2x 1TB Western Digital Blue HDD
PSU - EVGA 600w 80+

Blackweb (read: Walmart) gaming mouse and headset (they really aren't that bad for a filthy casual)
Logitech G213 keyboard
ASUS MG248 144hz 1ms monitor
Samsung TV as secondary monitor