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Chill Quest Engaged: Visual ASMR with the Blackwater Community Tank
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SIP Mr. Shiny 09/15/2014 -10/11/2019
It is with a heavy heart we report that Mr. Shiny has passed on.

We have transitioned the tank to a new betta star as the tank is now a community Blackwater environment.

Hello my fishy friends! I am Ms.Ophelia, a female crowntail betta. It's a pleasure to meet you all. I am here to carry on the legacy forged by my predecessor. Follow me and share the fishy love!

First off, Please Don't Spam The Chat With Questions About The Chest. You Will Be Muted.

Rules for Chat:
No Racism
No Religion
No Politics

Secondly, We are all here to be chill. So be chill. Don't be antagonistic and yell at/argue with people in the chat.

Let's chill! Join our Discord!
Stream Schedule
Mon-Fi 9am-5pm PST
Sat- No stream- Tank Maintenance
Sun- 9am-5pm PST
SIP Ms. Ophelia 10/12/2019-03/29/2021
We are sad to announce that Ms. Ophelia has succumbed to a combination of being egg-bound and having dropsy. By the time we realized there was a problem she was too far gone and treatment was not useful. We gave her antibiotics and put her in hospital but it was too late. We will be offline for the next few days while we grieve and prepare for a new tank star. Please remember to be excellent to each other in her honor.

We are also sad to announce that Zippy the otocinclus has also passed from dropsy. The tank itself is being treated with antibiotics as well and we will need some time before we are ready to Livestream again. Thank you for your understanding.
Introducing Mr. Bowie!
Hello! I am Mr. Bowie the Nemo koi Plakat! I was chosen by hand from the local fish store for my relaxed yet curious disposition and named Bowie because of my heterochromia. Having been raised on a betta farm I have never seen so much space before! I am told that I am carrying on the legacy of the two fish before me. I look forward to chilling with you all!