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Streamer is offline
Monday ~ Thursday: Off ((but may stream randomly))

Friday: 6pm eastern time RETRO INVADERS
Saturday: 8pm eastern time The Legend of Zelda stream

Sunday: Sunday will be random games and paper Mario or Mario in general

Mr Stream Music King STREAMS will be at random times so keep a look out for them
Welcome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!/ ((About me))
Welcome to the stream!!!!! we are happy to have you!!! me and my sons will be beating games and taking requests also some nights we will stream music for anyone and everyone to hear. I have been a gamer for years and my kids have all been playing since they where very young they are really good too!! we will take any requests and accomplish them accordingly. we will maybe do the webcam when we get to 200 followers but we will not revel our identity because we are SUPER HEROS!!!!! also if you follow we will follow back if you donate we will go to your stream and donate as well we show mad love
***********Friday Night Retro Invaders*******************
this is a RETRO stream I will be playing anything from commodore 64 and coleco vision to turbo graphics 16 or Nintendo classics and playing commercials and ads for them every Friday night at 6pm eastern time
Saturday *The Legand Of Zelda* stream
playing a variety of Zelda games from nes to cdi and more Saturday nights at 8pm eastern time
Sunday *Paper Mario* and other mario games
gonna play mainly paper Mario and any thing related to Mario as well as commercials and media related to Mario but mainly paper Mario is the main subject Sundays 8 pm eastern time
mr streammusic King sweet music stream
lets jam gonna play a big selection of music and also take some requests times vary
Sunday Night Random games night
just like it says very random as welll
Random fortnite nights
playing the NIGHT at random times