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About me!
Fuck twitch. Support Small!
I am Ryan, 22 Years Old and Been Speedrunning since 2006 with the Call of Duty Series. I am the one who built the community way back and was primarly responsible for routing all of the games mostly, and providing guides, tutorials, glitching, and more.
I am the best speedrunner of All-time, factually proven and verified while i was apart of for 3 years, 800 World Records and 1200 top 3 ranks, with over 2200+ Speedruns
Some of my achievements in the hobby. I :

Listed on wiki's noteable speedrunners
Presented my speed at various arcades and venues.
800+ WRs, 1200+ Top 3 Ranks
Twitch Affiliate - 6/5/19
14 WRs/PBs in 14 different games for 2020.
How long have you been speedrunning?

2006, I went full head on with it in 2011. In 2016, i do it part time. Sometimes just weekends and not longer than 3hrs.

Whats your best/worst world record?

Easily MWR, It's very bad and held for a month (twice) which surprised me.

What's the hardest world record you gotten?:


What's the easiest world record you ever gotten?

Hm.. CoD4, its all muscle memory to me so it was all just rng really. WWII and AW i got wr in 2020 was pretty easy aswell.

Do you do other Games than Call of Duty?

As of 2020, no i do not.

What other hobbies do you do besides speedrunning?:

Learning skateboarding, bmx, and im currently living on my own again, trying to stay out of trouble tbh lol. :p I also do punk rock music.

Where are you from?

Pennslyvaina, between Pittsburgh and Philly.

Why are you doing something over and over?

Build Consistancy and/or strat making, thank you for your patience!

Can I add you on PSN/Xbox/Steam?

No. I don't play online anymore and never will, don't have time.
No Transphobic, Homophobic or Racist chat.
English Chat Only
Use Common Sense.
Trolling isn't banned but not suggested. Depending on my mood determines if you are banned or not.
no self-promotion, linking etc. Ask first.
Keep chat PG-13, we have kids in here.
All My SS / PB CoD Records Currently as of 11/2020
Call of Duty 1 (Classic) - 1:55:13 WR 2/2020
CoD2 Xbox - 2:58:48 (WR) (Jully2020)
CoD3 - 3:08:00 WR 1/2020
CoD4 Console - 1:43:39 WR (Sept2019)
CoD:WaW Console - 1:19:27 WR [August2020]
MW2 Console - 1:29 WR 4/2020
Black Ops 1 - 2:40:18 [jUNE2020]
MW3 - 2:17:39 [June2020]
Black Ops 2 Console - 2:57:43 [2016]
Ghosts - 2:39:08 WR 4/2020
MWR Console 1:44:56 WR 9/2020
Advanced Warfare - 2:49:01 wr 11/2020
Infinite Warfare 2:18:41 [August 2020]
WWII - 2:27:23 WR 11/2020
Modern Warfare - 1:44:22 9/2020
MW2R Console - 1:32:49 WR 6/2020
MW3 Spec Ops Console - 26:46 WR 10/2019
BOCW Any% - 1:28:37 11/2020
BOCW NG+ - 1:42:21 11/2020
MWT - 5:42hrs 2018 April