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Hello my fishy friends! I am Mr. Shiny, it's a pleasure to meet you all. Recently my tank maintenance crew discovered that I have no chill. After the unearthing of my tank mate's remains, I think they may be right. I am on a quest to find my chill. Follow me and share the fishy love!

First off, Please Don't Spam The Chat With Questions About The Chest. You Will Be Muted.

Rules for Chat:
No Racism
No Religion
No Politics

Secondly, We are all here to be chill. So be chill. Don't be antagonistic and yell at/argue with people in the chat.

And finally, let me tell you the tale of how I came to be on DLive....

I was sitting in a cup in the backroom of a Petsmart when a spunky little girl named Violeta decided she wasn't happy with the selection out front. You see, she had recently won some goldfish at a carnival and they didn't live through the night. Naturally, my new family sprang into action and procured a fish tank complete with filter and all the things a betta fish would need. All that was needed was a fish. Here is where I came in. I was brought out from the back and as soon as I saw light I started swimming for my life. The other fish simply sat in the cup and the little girl chose me because of my energy and my nice blue color. She named me Mr. Shiny, a name that I have grown quite fond of and after a short car ride I was no longer living in a small cup but rather a spacious 5 gallon tank! Imagine my surprise! I took a quick tour of my tank and soon realized that I loved my new territory. IT WAS MINE. There was just one problem. The long black thingy sticking down into the water was in my space. I wanted it gone so I attacked it. This proved to be folly and my fins were nearly shredded completely. My tank maintenance crew jumped quickly to my rescue and saved me from...well myself. I loved living in a bigger space than a cup and I wanted to defend my new space with everything I had. Sue me.

My tank got a makeover and an air stone installed instead which had to be buried pretty deep to keep me from trying to get at it. The hose looked like it was an eel or something I don't know but I didn't like it. I got a clear hose and I only feel slightly upset that its in my tank now. There were live plants installed to help clean the water and filter as well. My tank crew had gone through several plants while I decided they were threats or not. Those roots looked suspicious I say!

I had a tank mate once. ONCE. RIP Mr. Marshmellow. He was an albino cory catfish that my tank crew had thought would help me get clean. I had to show them that was a mistake. I did not WANT to kill him, but he was in MY space. We all agreed that I shouldn't have any more tank mates after that and the mother read the parable of the scorpion and the frog to the little girl who was upset with me over it. We are all hoping to have learned from this experience.

I hear that I am very active for a betta fish and my tank crew decided that I should be here on DLive to showcase my beauty and the regrowth process for my fins. I am exercised twice a week on Tuesdays and Thursdays and I am fed daily in the morning first thing! My tank is cleaned every fortnight and my gravel is cleaned then as well. I will be offline when this happens because my maintenance team likes their privacy.

Let's chill!