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TB Follies Ep. 21!! | BP Lvl 69 Goal | #GXO #TSU #RazerStreamer [#DTG] #NOB
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Hi, Agents! Welcome!

I'm Mr. Throwback.....well Agent Mr. ThrowBack. I'm a fun, productive, silly, causal streamer who loves to entertain. Despite of my learning disability, I love to entertain even I don't game much here anymore. If you want to know more about me, press a follow and join in the Agency!!!!! Welcome To The Agency!!!!!
Here are the game consoles I love to play:

- NES (Nintendo Entertainment System)
- SNES (Super Nintendo)
- SEGA Genesis
- PlayStation 1 (PSOne)
- PlayStation 2 (PS2)
- Nintendo 64 (N64)
- Nintendo GameCube/Wii
- Nintendo Switch
- PC Specs:
Digital Storm Lynx
AMD Ryzen 9 3900x
AMD MSI Radeon RX 5700 XT
Stage 2 CPU Fan and Liquid Cooler
Chassis RGB
RGB Fans
Mechanical RGB Keyboard and Mouse
Here are the RULES in The Agency:

- No Harassment
- No Sexual Abuse and/or Gestures
- No F4F L4L V4V
- No Self Promotion
- No Links Unless Whisper To Me For Approval
- No Racial Slurs
- No Discrimnation
- No Stream Sniping
- No Criticism From Gameplays (Even When I'm Bad)
- Respect All Individuals
- Have Fun!
Here's My Game Schedule:

- Sundays- EPIC SUNDAYS!!!!
- Mondays- Switch Variety!!
- Tuesdays- Nintendo Retro Variety!!!!
- Wednesdays- Sony Retro Variety!!!!
- Thursdays - Sega Retro Variety!!!
- Fridays - PC Gamer Variety!!!!
- Saturdays - Chill Off Days!!!

All Days will be in EST! Check out my Twitter For Live Updates!!!
Coming Soon!
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This is my Official YouTube Channel. I produce a show called Mr. ThrowBack Show with Retro and New Games Alike! Click the picture above to get to my channel plus make sure subscribe my channel. Thanks so much!
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