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Whats up, im David A.K.A Mr_Zendo. I'm married to my very own princess Mrs_Zendo and we have just had a newborn little girl.

Assistant manager in a Starbucks store by day, by night the loveable goof that carry my team to triumph and streams it live!

Be sure to add me on all the things so we can play the gammesssz

Just built a beast new PC packed with a 1080ti and the works. Hop on for some smooth sailing gameplay Crisp lighting and audio, prepare for a night jam packed with hard laughs, tails of lore and more epic fails than you can count or clip.
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A miss match of content vlogs, half playthroughs and mediocre unboxing hop on for some offline unexceptional content.
We try to output the highest quality stream with a dual PC streaming setup.
I built a beast decked out custom PC with 1080 ti i7-8700k 16 GB of RAM for my gaming PC.

For my streaming PC I use a Razer blade 15 wit 9th gen I7-9750H RTX 2060 16 GB of RAM