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Hello and welcome to my channel.
I am MsDarkAngel I am a mum to 3 beautiful boys. I have Asperger syndrome and Anxiety. I use gaming to escape relax and have fun. I am no professional i play for fun and laughs. I Like to talk sing and say random things.
I would love you all to enjoy my stream and talk to me.

I will be streaming most nights from 7.30pm onward with my Husband DaddySpardan.

We will be playing games like Diablo 3, CSGO, Battlefield 5 and any other games we get in the future.

If i ever stream alone its likely to be be either diablo 3 or never winter.

Hope you all enjoy my channel


1) No racism or foul play between others and no offensive words
2) No spamming of the chat.
3) No sexism.
4) No unauthorized links in the chat.
5) Don't ask to become a moderator of the channel. They are chosen by myself.
6) Always respect everyone in my community/channel.
7) This is not a FOLLOW 4 FOLLOW channel.
8) Don't ask about the chest

Im' a part of the TGU network, which is a community ran by streamers for streamers, our aim is to help each
other grow in the streaming community.

we are always looking to expand the network so feel free to join.

When you join, just say that you are from DLive so we can put you in the DLive Streamer role.

Discord Link:

P.s. Any donations i get from ice creams up wards will be half donated to my chest.