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Help I'm Lost on The Internet
I haven't got a clue what i'm doing with this. If you can help Give me a follow and talk with me in the chat. Also I need Lemons or something? Arghhh HELP me i'm Lost one the Internet again!!!!

I think though now I have muggle bot my reliable sidekick, i should be OK.... I hope.
Some Guidelines and Rules
1. This is an English speaking Channel please remember this. Repeated posts in foreign languages may be muted or deleted.

2. This channel is my virtual home please respect this channel as you would a real home.

3. Please do not ask for the chest. It maybe randomly opened at anytime, though not upon requests to do so.

4. Have Fun And Be Nice

5. Respect One Another

6. No Bullying and No Fighting

7. Bots , if a bot is suspected it will be removed from the channel. If for some reason a mistake has been made this will be reversed, if possible.
Rewards & Ways to Help
As I am aware, some of you may have just come for the Lemons. And that is ok. We all could do with more lemons. So from time the chest may be opened on random occasions.

The more people can contribute and share this channel, the more often that is likely to happen.

If you have just come to watch the show , that is fine I am not just here for the lemons and welcome anyone with an interest in what happens here to come and watch and chat provided they follow the guidlines.

There will be in the future more ways to help the channel, but right now , I'm still lost on the internet. Stay tuned and check back in for more on this.

Thank you for spending your time with this channel , Lemons or no lemons it is greatly appreciated.