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Hi! I'm as random as it comes and it goes. Some stuff to know here.

Commands for easy access to my social media/stuff. :D



1) I have final say on what goes on board.
2) Mods are there to make my job easier. Don't piss them off or make their job any harder.
3) Threats or doxing will get you keelhauled. No exceptions. TL;DR don't be a dick.
4) Don't backseat game. I will ask for help, I assure you! Unless I say you have the conn, don't try it.

I am currently serving in the Royal Canadian Navy for almost 10 years now. I'm on the east coast, so keep that in mind for timezones. I like playing a variety of games but I'm mostly drawn to MMOs and shooters. Due to my work my schedule is a bit inconsistent right now; where I'll have periods of nothing or I just can't do anything for a day, even on weekends. I am also incredibly lazy and I'll eventually get around to making my own banners and stuff.

I also live on Discord. I love talking to new people on the internet! :D You can find me

I have a blog! It's all about becoming financially free while playing video games! :D

If you want to support me, that's awesome! Thank you! All proceeds will go towards improving the stream, whether it'll be increasing my ability to include more games to stream or towards adding cool features that I think would be beneficial for all of us! It's a win-win situation! It's done via Paypal. ;3

As I've said before, my schedule is a bit wonky. I'll try to be more consistent and I'll post announcements when I stream (or not) on Discord. The only things that are (mostly) consistent are:

Again, I hate schedules. I will try to stream at least once every weekend. Weekdays are extra. See note below. Weekdays if I do stream at all, start at around 1800 or 1900 hrs ending at 2200 hrs. I will post an announcement.