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We're a group of like-minded content creators, all with a different style and approach to our stuff but with one thing in common: We hate the media out there now. With that in mind we figured "Why don't we just produce the content we'd like to see, together!?"
Our goal is to eventually have at least a 12hour block of content every day for you to watch, instead of the mind-numbing dogshit on TV and E-Girl grifters on Twitch.
Main Show
-Saturday Nights Pacific
Daily Show
- Weekdays

Straight from 2Birds Studios (a Splorf-Jorg company) came what was originally the Saturday Night Shit Show, but has evolved several times over since.

Vill Nomerly - Host/Producer
Dick NeCarlo - Host/Producer
Don Jolly - Remote Associate Producer
Jizz Mahoney - In-house band/Co-Host
Tito Jerome - Studio Intern
Recks Tomsin - Remote Host
Sunday-Friday at @ 8pm Pacific

What we say can and will be used against us. So why not say “fuck it”?

Join Blackballed Podcast 6 days a week for a comedic take on our shit show of an existence.
Nick Ochs delivers news breakdowns and comedy for people as annoyed with the current culture as he is.

When your news isn’t confrontational enough, watch The Ochs Report
Jokes, stories, and skits from your favorite drunks. Try and keep up with us, as we do shots periodically throughout the show.

P.S.: We yell A LOT

Schedule TBA
We have a line-up of shows and a schedule that may or may not be 100% accurate, but its close

-Weekend Show @ 8pm Pacific
-Daily show weekdays @ 4pm

BlackBalled Podcast
-Week Nights @ 8pm Pacific
-Sunday Nights @ 8pm

The Ochs Report
-Weeknights @ 6pm pacific
- May or may not be accurate

The ShotCast