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Hello there, My name is MurphChops.
Currently living down the arse end of Ireland surrounded by absolutely nothing (few cows maybe) I really want to stream and talk with randomers on the internet but never really liked youtube or twitch, Dlive is looking kinda cool.

Really like VR and Survival type games, after a bunch of trading crypto alt coins I gathered enough for my pc and Valve Index, not here to make money but if I ever get enough Lino for a VR game it will most certainly go to that, any suggestions of games to stream?

Why the lack of camera or weird red shadow dude flopping about?
I'm just too damn beautiful lol!
I want to you to love me for who I am on the inside jk its coz I've a dormant twin on my chest and he's an attention whore!

If your reading this say hello in chat I'll totally say something back, hopefully you will understand my accent.
While I'm working out
Hokay , Chest will be opened after every music track or wave of baddies I kill if there is enough in chest to open.
At end of fitness (or lack of fitness) session when I collapse I put all/any donations in chest and open.
I'd love to stay motivated in fitness while growing this stream, let me know in chat if you have any ideas, Cheers!
I'm on Irish time.
Stream will more than likely start in VR that way I'm put in a good mood and don't feel bad that nobody is watching this silliness all day. lolz!
I'm actually all over the place regarding schedule.
If you want to be notified when I'm going live Join my Discord.
Maybe we can build a team of VR streamers there and help each other grow our streams?
About Dlive

Dlive uses a reward system based on the Lino network. Lino is a cryptocurrency currently in testnet phase which means that the conversion rate is locked to:

1 LINO/Lemon = $0.012
1 Ice cream = $0.12
1 Diamond = $1.20
1 Ninjghini = $12.00
1 Ninjet = $120.00

-There is a small conversion cost $0.25 per transaction flat fee for US, 2% for international when withdrawing.
-The only percentage Dlive takes is 9.9% whenever donating
-The minimum amount to withdraw is 2000 Lino
-A streamers earning are totally transparent, you can track ALL streamers earnings and withdrawals from the earnings tab under the stream, to find out total earnings and current balance.
-You can "lock" points in to support Dlive, locked points generate interest and will help grow the platform in the future. It takes longer to withdraw Linos once they are locked and you can only have 10 pending withdrawals at any one time.
-You can buy points by clicking the button in the top left called "GET LINO POINTS" to support your favorite streamer:

88 Lino = $1.53
288 Lino = $4.04
688 Lino = $9.06
1,188 Lino = $15.34
2,888 Lino = $36.67
7,888 Lino = $99.44
78,888 Lino = $990.65

Also Dlive is a decentralized Live streaming platform.

All this means is its better than twitch and youtube with their vague rules and exceptions for the elite.