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ANNOUNCEMENT 60 New Skins added!!
1 to 60
What is it?
Brief - Make a Game so your viewers can play a game on the stream while your playing a game on your stream!
DWarriors is a Fully Developed MMORPG developed by Benjamin Where players take control of their own warriors and work as a team to kill bosses earn money, get better gear and become stronger!

(ON EVENT WEEK) Will you be the first person to Kill a level 100 boss? There is 10,000 Lino up for grabs! (Split between the surviving party)

How to play?
You spawn by typing anything in the chat,
You fight boss's by also typing in chat, the more you talk the more you damage you do to the boss.
Once you earn enough experience points you level up allowing you to assign points to your player stats, Allowing you to increase your characters base health, strength or dodge rate.

Feel Squishy against a level 2 boss?
Head on over to the ClockWork Store (!shop) and see whats on offer! lets just hope your strong enough to pick up your brand new sparkly armour or shiny sword! (You use the gold you find in your adventures to buy from the store)
Once you have your Sparkly Armour code, post it in the chat and Boom PURCHASE SUCCESSFUL! that's if you got the GOLD!

How do i equip my new shiny sword?
Check your inventory by typing "!inv" in the chat, it will give you your item ID, and type "!equip <id> to change your loadout, if your warrior is already deployed, it will be equipped in the next fight (when all players are dead and the game is reset or next boss has spawned)

Other Commands -
!Shop - Get the weblink to our DWarriors Shop to see whats on offer
!Stats - Find information about your character
!Assign <str/agi/con> <points> - Assign Unused Skill Points
!death2stormcloaks - cheat code (wonder what it does)
!Cash - Find out how much cash you have in your account
!Inv - Find out your player inventory
!Equip <id> - Equip an item from your inventory
!SetSkinChannel - change character to channel skin
!SetSkinGlobal - change character to global skin
!BuySkinChannel <skin> -purchase and assign new channel skin
!BuySkinGlobal <skin> -purchase and assign new global skin
!Admin databaseadd <name> <type> <mindam> <maxdam> <hpbuff> <price> <level>

The Following Donation Types apply the Following Bonus's
Lemon - Will get all remaining warriors to attack in sync causing a lot of damage per lemon
IceCream - Gives all Warriors Double Damage for 5mins (stackable)
Diamond - Gives all Warriors Double Damage for 60mins (stackable) and heals your warrior to max HP
Ninjaghini - Gives all Warriors Double Damage for 5 Hours (stackable) and Gives All Warriors Fast Attack Buff for 5 hour (players can spam and will not have the 6s wait time to attack (Super Attack Mode)
Ninjet - Gives all Warriors Double Damage for 24 Hours (stackable),Gives All Warriors Fast Attack Buff for 24 hour (players can spam and will not have the 6s wait time to attack (Super Attack Mode) and Makes Player Run Speed 10x for 24 hours (allows you to defeat boss's really really REALLY fast)

Have Fun!