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☯About Me'☯
Prior Military- Serve in the Navy for 8 years. 4 years on a Air Craft Carrier. 4 years on Inactive Reserves.

I want to say that my streams/entertainment is supportive I want to thank everyone in advance for the support. Gaming isn’t just a hobby for me, its an outlet to help people. What I mean by that is that laughing and smiling can heal. A bad day becomes better and you forget about life curve-balls just for that brief moment.

Be sure to follow my channel and join in the community!! ��
DragonEggs are given out to viewers to be redeemed for various sound & stream effects.

Viewers // 10 eggs per 10 minutes
Subs // 25 eggs per 10 minutes

!eggs = no. of DragonEggs

!shocked (GIF)=15 eggs
!holy (GIF)=15 eggs

!fart (GIF/Audio)= 40 eggs
!hi (Audio)= 40 eggs
!dbzscream (Audio) = 40 eggs
!no (Audio)- 40 eggs
!screamscare (Audio)= 50 eggs
!FMoney (audio) = 50 eggs
!wheremoney (Audio) = 50 eggs

OPEN CHEST (subs only)
!chest = 5000 DragonEggs

!gt (gamer tags)
!discord - join my discord!
My Streams Contain Raging and very colorful language. Cant Promise Anything.

1.Have Fun
2. Don't Be a Jerk.
3. Don't Advertise your stream, chances are I will do that for you.
4. No Politics,Religion or anything controversial please.
5. No back seat gaming, if I'm struggling I will ask the chat.
6.*******************See Rule #1****************
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