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FAQ / bio soon
What is your pfp?

My favorite boi from Mayhem (Lost in Translations the webtoon)
What games will you mostly stream?

for now, some pc games until I can screen record stuff on my switch and xbox 360
Current Games that I play (stream and non stream):
-Halo Reach and 4
- Dishonored
-Bioshock Infinite
-Witcher 3: the wild hunt
-that new pokemon cafe game
-Splatoon 2
-Super SMash Bros Ultimate, Wii U
-Pokemon Red, let's go eevee, and GO
-Warframe and Warface
-Yandere Similator (I play this once a month to see what the dev has update and such)
-etc.. (adding more once I remember them)
Bio here/ Socials
I go by many names, but please call me Nairu... if we meet IRL, and we know each other very well u can call me by my nickname.

I'm an Ethiopian that was born in the USA.

***insert more information***

Insta: Yu.swaggs

Twitch: sleepy_nairu_

others will be posted soon
Rules/ how to be a mod
1) Chat is PG-13,

2) Keep chat between SFW to Semi - NSFW,

3) Don't send links in chat unless you asked me

4) Don't be a dick

5) you can backseat game me, but keep it to a minimum, and do it when you feel I literally know nothing or to factcheck the things I know.

6) have fun, if there's a game that you want me to play let me know. If I'm boring feel free to leave, but do suggest a game I can play that's mostly free.
I give out Mod role like candy, but you only keep it for one stream.

if your going to be mod make sure you can stay for the entire stream no matter how long it might be.

In order to become a mod, ask if you can be and if I say yes, donate 1 lemon and the role you will receive.

REMEMBER: if as a mod, you abuse your power in anyway... I'll take away the role, so don't be a dick.
who am I? more bio
I am a 16 year old Junior boi

I feel like I am the first DLive stream to actually play SSF2 and stream it (Super Smash Flash 2)