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NTF is a building community of like minded, respectful, mature gamers who mostly like to have a good time and play cooperative games.

Join our ranks and help spread the movement!

Discord: Click the picture above or this link!

1: Just be respectful of the streamer and others in the chat.

2: Racism, politics, bigots will be banned will not be tolerated.

3: This is a friendly place for all gamers.

4: Absolutely no console fanboys in this community. Great games exist everywhere, and platform wars are a stain on gaming.

Now have some fun and feel free to ask me anything!
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>> I create tons of non-spoiler video reviews.

>> I also upload all my VODS and highlights of my content.

>>Hello everybody, my name is Namtox, aka Dave.
Founder of NTF Gaming.

>>I am currently a reviews editor at .

>I review everything from major blockbuster Triple-A games to small unknown indie games.

>This stream is all about fighters, fast action, and games with a CO-OP focus.

>I also play tons of early review copies for my job so I often have exclusive first looks at major titles.

>Mortal Kombat, Destiny, Sekiro etc.

>Fighting Games are my favorite genre followed closely by JRPG's and RTS games.

>My favorite games of all time are Xenogears (PS1) followed by the Mortal Kombat series.
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>> I'm a freelance gaming writer working for

>> I always give back to my community and loyal friends with giveaways and early access to pre-release games and DLC so hang out, be cool, and you will be rewarded.

I will use any donations and put them towards better stream equipment, games, and giveaways for all NTF followers.

Thanks to all of you who have helped me get here.