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Joinnn ussss

Lol, but seriously, everyone here is awesome and there is just so much to do!
I'm a gamer, geek, nerd, otaku, hopeless romantic, and foodie.
I like to stream whatever I am doing, whether that is playing any genre game, art stuffs, teaching/learning, or even just messing with tech junks.

I refer to my followers as my NaoZombie Army/Horde. This world tears us up over and over again. It tests us, takes from us, and we are changed forever for it. We are in a sense, zombies from it's effects. Tattered and lost. Looking for our own kind. We have to sew ourselves back up. We have to help each other recover.

So let's have fun taking over the world together, shall we? ^_^

How? Let's spread a new infection. Converting the lonely, lost, torn up and rejected. Let's create an army.

Life is a game. Let's party up, quest together, share tips, and enjoy playing! Every failure, every success, let's share all of it and discover our stories together, our potential! Stop seeing things as lost or broken. Stop seing failure as shameful. We earned it! We learned from it, we changed the world WITH it. WE have power. Let's become something new, something better.

A new world. A new story.

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He seriously rocks!
If you want to see me stream a particular game that I don't have (ask me first because I use multiple things) you can donate the game to me and I'll gladly check it out!