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What is Narcissism?
This channel will be dedicated to education and conversations relating to Narcissism. This subject is widely covered across other platforms, and I am pleased to say I am expanding that coverage to dlive.

In addition to information and sharing personal encounters we will invite professionals to join us for live chats.

There is a lot of work to do, please follow, while you may not be caught in a narc’s web the more you know, the more you will be able to help someone before they are. We will go live to announce updates and as a follower you will be notified

Before you read further, keep in mind not everyone who exhibits these personality characteristics has NPD, sometimes they are just a real bastad.

Narcissistic Personality Disorder aka as NPD is an addiction disease and while it can be someone's sole addiction more often it coexists with other addictions such as alcohol, sex, gambling etc.

Remember, we are the supply narcissists use to feed their insatiable need for admiration in the same way alcohol feeds the alcoholic. Their addiction fix is when they insult and belittle you then you come back for more.

It will begin with a test, an insult buried in a compliment and will escalate until they sense you pulling away, at which time they return to admiration bombing to resecure your loyalty.

The cycle will repeat until they get bored because you are now so devalued, you are just something to be walked on and your admiration has little value, then without even a second glance they will move on to a fresh new supply.

You cannot fix them, they do not want to be fixed, so save your energy and your dignity, reject them, their insults and the fantasy of themselves that they are so addicted to. They can no more give up their addiction than an alcoholic can give up alcohol without professional help.

What can you do?
Whether they have been diagnosed with NPD or they are just a real bastard, silence is their enemy! Giving them any response is feeding an addiction. Remember the sign at the Zoo, Do not feed the animals, think of it every time they contact you!

Thank you,
A survivor who suspects her fake friend was likely just a real bastard, "a NARC wanna be" who no longer feeds the animal!

You can contact us at: All correspondence is confidential.