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Welcome to Nathan Sample Games! If you're a gamer who enjoys watching let's plays and/or gaming live streams then you're in the right place! I strive to produce the funniest and most high quality content I'm able to. This channel's slogan is FUNNY DERPY GAMING which is exactly the type of content I produce. My DLive, and Mixer page are currently being used for my 24/7 live stream of vods and reruns. If you want to support the channel be sure to hit follow and be sure to share it around if you can!
Question: Why aren't you responding to me! I know you see my messages!
A: Actually I don't sometimes. This is a 24/7 live stream of reruns. I'm not a super human who can watch the chat literally all the time even when I'm asleep.

Question: Why are you mulistreaming?
A: Because why not? I stream this 24/7 broadcast on YouTube, Mixer, and here on DLive. I keep the chat open during the day on my computer so I can watch it, but often times people seem to get butthurt and leave after they don't get a response from me because yah know, the entertainment value of my show is magically gone if you're not constantly getting attention :)

Quesstion: Why aren't you actually streaming yourself live?
A: This one hasn't actually been asked yet, but I figured it's important to explain it. I stream over on Twitch for things that are actually live. Currently however I'm dealing with issues with OBS on my computer.

Question: I keep trying to input commands, why aren't they working?
A: I don't have any commands setup. Nor do I have any reason currently to set any up.

Question: Am I the only one watching?
A: Maybe? Does it matter?
- This is a MATURE STREAM - It's not my job to make sure you don't hear something that you don't like. If you can't handle my humor, the discussions that I have, or anything of that nature LEAVE. THE END.
- Be respectful. - Be nice and if you wouldn't want something said to you then don't say it to anybody else in chat, or me.
- Don’t spam - don’t repeat the same message more than once.
- Don't start fights – We can discuss and talk about our feelings and opinions on games, but no fighting.
- No discussion of hot button issues. - Everybody has their own thoughts and opinions but keep them to yourself. Some people like to use streams as a form of escapism and entertainment NOT as a reminder of anything negative, bad, or controversial in the world.
- Be positive – If you come into the stream constantly complaining it drives down the stream and everybody in chat.
- Don’t self promote - my stream is about me and the fans not about you.
- Don’t use racial slurs - I don’t care the context, just don’t.
- Don’t come looking for things to be offended by you won’t be accommodated that way, period.
- No back seat gaming. - If I need help or want your opinion I'll ask you.
- Don't go overboard with cussing.
- Use common sense. - If you think something is a bad idea to say then don't say it.
- English only.
- Stay somewhat on topic.