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A little about me
I'm an anti provocative person who really loves music: Currently working on growing the stream by breaking away from typical scene of video games, by experimenting with alternate video entertainment, arts & crafts, for more of a freedom of expressive creative content or interactive kind of streams.

Know the rules
Have respect for each other. - Respect each other's ideas
All group members should do a friendly check in once in a while
Group members should have a common understanding of each others goals that need to be achieved - not that support is expected. A follow & auto host go a long way if you both are in agreement. My suggestion is to be uncommon - don't do what everyone else does. If you can't come up with anything - find a person who likes a lot of the same things you enjoy.
Be open to compromise because everyone's time is important in their own way. If you wish to discuss something that the group is not familiar with, try to message them directly & make sure your both or more are all in agreement before posting something that includes others.
This is pretty much a politics free zone however if you want a constructive debate about it - there is a place & time for this. The overall idea here is to help each other understand why it is so important to you. Everyone will be allowed to chime in.
Do not argue over petty things - agree to disagree.
Its encouraged to interact with others - extra points are award to those who engage in social activates first.
No one is obligated to do anything that they can not or do not wish to do - the purpose of this group is to have as much fun as possible. If something is not fun - you do not have to do it.
HEYNOW Please do not ask me to play Battle Royal games. Not a Call of duty fan.
Try to keep on topic as best as possible. If you have an issue with another member, please inform Moderator & the matter will be dealt with...
Don't ask for followers and not follow people back. You know that we can all see who you're following... unless permission is granted.
There will not be acceptations in intolerable actions; no matter who you are - if you do not follow the rules and/or disrespect, criticize or discourage someone - one to many times; you may be subjected to being banned for 90 days or infinitude.
Racism, sexism, homophobia, or other bigotry is never allowed.
Pornography & explicitly sexual conversation / sexual roleplay are a strict no-no. Violate and get banned.
Please refrain from flooding the discord with spam, repetitive messages, or rapid fire memes that overwhelm the chats with text.