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hi my name is prodigy. i use to stream over at mixer i was there for like 3yrs it was nice there. but it had its ups and downs. but when they shut down i found this place and was really happy. i dint want to go anywhere else. the platform is so easy to work with and get started. and the people are really nice and supportive. i was a gamer sence the nintendo nes came out and i never stop lol. its what help me through life and keeps me happy. if it makes sence. and i love streaming its my life and passion. and my career i hope u enjoy my stream and be apart of the Nerd community. love to have you here. were all nerds in our own way lol. :) :) :)
please have respect in my stream.
1. no filthy language.
2. no disrespecting people.
3. no spamming in chat
4. were here to have a good time
please keep it positive. thank you
my discord name is PRODIGYNERD#9218
if u wanna follow me there
i dont have and donate thing up yet but if you feel like you want to. you can do it through the lemons it does help keep my stream up and going. thank you so much
i mostly stream survival games
1. fallout
2 .7 days to die
3 stranded deep
4. diffrent top down games
5. point and click games
6.and more to come soon
i stream from
5pm to 12am est time
sat and sun very
my twitter name is PRODIGYNERD
if you want to follow me there for
updates on my stream