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Hi, you beautiful person and welcome on my channel!

You wondering who I am? Well, I am Nerro.. a gorgeous baby, living in UK, and I love to play games! One day, I got some gear and decided to stream!
My goal is to ... ahm ... become a big streamer full time, hehe! I'd love to have you there on chat, while I'm live so we could play and laugh together! ;)
Regarding gaming, I play anything, buuut I'm at the stage of ... nooby skills ! But I'm trying... Ok? But just so you know, if we'd ever play anything together, you'd might have to carry me around! :') . Soo, let's give it a try! Support me with a follow on Twitch and don't forget that I am there everyday (or ... well .. at least I'm trying everyday) from 22:00 GMT!
Livee World Minecraft

Minecraft Survival 1.15.2
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