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Angriest Feral Druid EU 👌 ❤ No fakers here👌
☑️ Don't ask for the chest to be opened. First offence is a warning, second will get you muted
☑️ English only please. I cannot speak any other languages
☑️ No self promotion unless specifically asked
☑️ Be respectful to everyone
☑️ No form of discriminatory or offensive behaviour. This will result in a ban, no warnings given.
☑️ !battle - My Battle Tag
☑️ !tc - Thumb Culture Hangout Discord (ask me about it)
☑️ !warframe - My Warframe IGN
☑️ !steam - Steam details
☑️ !epic - Epic details
☑️ !fashionframe
☑️ Socials - !insta, !twitter, !discord
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Packed with resources that fellow streamers may find useful. People are encouraged to join, make friends and take part in discord only competitions.

There are no nudes coz I'm not that type of girl.
I'm a variety streamer from the NE of England. I'm 37 years old and have 7 year old pony called Lilly.

I am well known for my inability to aim and for being scared of my own alerts.

Being British, I am very addicted to tea. Yum.
☑️ Warframe [PC/MR27]
☑️ World of Warcraft (Classic only come August)
☑️ Final Fantasy (the older ones)
☑️ Retro Gaming
☑️ COD: BO4 (rarely)
☑️ Fortnite (rarely)
☑️ Anything I have been gifted (looking at you Nargl, you meanie)
Warframe is a third person shooter set in a time in the distant future following a cataclysmic war that engulfed the solar system.

It's free to play, so if you like the look after it, please feel free to use my referral link. You will be gifted a 7 day affinity (xp) boost and I may receive an in-game reward too. Click the image to explore the ways of the Tenno.
I collect rare and unusual disorders that impact my daily life.

These include:

☑️ Hypoparathyroidism - I can't make parathyroid hormone and as a result, I cannot control my blood calcium leading to hypocalcaemia.
☑️ Polymorphic light eruption - I'm allergic to both UVa and UVB light (both found in sunlight). Mine is severe.
☑️ Trigemnial neuralgia - mine is idiopathic (no known cause), it causes intense pain in the side of my face so some days I struggle to wear a headset and don't smile much. It's not because I'm miserable!

Think it's a scam? Documented evidence found here by clicking the above image.
I find it difficult to commit to a schedule because of my chronic fatigue and caring for Lilly (who is my priority).

💜Summer Schedule💜

☑️ Wed between 12-2pm BST
☑️ Fri between 12-2pm BST
☑️ Sat between 12-2pm BST
☑️ Sun between 12-2pm BST

Updates available in discord.
The 𝐓𝐡𝐮𝐦𝐛 𝐂𝐮𝐥𝐭𝐮𝐫𝐞 team creates content here on DLive as well as on Twitch, YouTube and also on the gaming reviews and news website

All the donations we receive during our live streams, 70% will go to our nominated charity and the rest (30%) will go back into the community each week when we open the chest.

They also run a wonderful discord server supporting and encouraging all streamers from the ground up. Type !tc in chat for link.

I stream for them usually between 7-8pm BST on Fridays. Click image for link.
Donations are never expected and never solicited.

All donations are used for stream upgrades and buying tea.

You can either donate lino (1 lino = $0.012) or click the above image (this has it's own alert).
If you feel you would like to support the stream further then you can subscribe for 298 lino.

💜Subscription benefits💜

☑️ Immune to chatroom slow-mode
☑️ Role in discord
☑️ Extra shizzle for subscribers only in who have joined the discord
☑️ More to come (hell might even do snap chat if demand for it lul)
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