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Welcome To The Family!
Let's create a fun friendly community Together!
I am new to streaming so I am sorry for the long delays on some streams, don't know how to fix them! XD
But anyway I hope you have fun!
So sit back.


And most importantly.

About Me!
- I am a young dummy just graduated HighSchool who is trying to achieve his dream, which is to create a big friendly community to spread positivity!

- Streaming here with my buddies to entertain with our stupidity and to make people smile!

- I enjoy making people laugh and smile with my silliness and stupid jokes !
Schedule Creation In Progress . . .
- Don't be rude to others!

- Don't spam with intention of getting my attention, I try To get to everyone! So have some feckin patience XD

- Don't be too vulgar when swearing and making jokes!

- Swearing is by all means allowed so have fun!

- If you actually enjoy the streams share with a friend if you want to spread some positivity!
A Member Of Creators United!
The people that took me under their wing!

Creators supporting creators with their positive and welcoming community!
What Am I Aiming For?
- Inspired by the YouTuber Markiplier since I was11 - 12 I wanted to become an entertainer throughout doing what I love, yes you guessed it, playing video games! I want to spread out happiness and positivity and keep a strong connection with my community! I want to be able to do charity live streams when I reach a certain amount of Subscribers/Followers either here or on YouTube! So my future plans aren't involving only me! It is a chance to bring people together and raise money for different causes! To do good! If this community grows I won't spread positivity alone! It is a chance for everyone to do it, including you, the one reading this right now!
So all I ask is.. If (And ONLY IF!) you enjoy my streams, my content, my personality and you support what I want to achieve. Then share my streams with a friend, watch together if you want. Just show them and if they follow me it will be awesome, if they don't it is still cool! Just want to let people know what I am aiming for!
Have fun with the streams! And have a nice day, or night.. Depends on where you live in this fucked up world XD!
What I Mostly Stream?
I mostly stream Apex Legends Dead by Daylight and Minecraft!

Sometimes I Stream Counter-Strike: Global Offensive!

And I plan to stream other games as well so stay tuned!!
About Donations
- Donations are very much appreciated but by no means demanded from the community!

- In the future if the community grows enough there will be!! [Charity Live Streams] !! In which donations will be good to be received until we reach a certain goal!

- On the charity live streams all donations will be going to the cause we are raising for!

- If you see a donation goal with a silly name just know its just for a fun celebration!
! About Charity Live Strreams !
You will know if it is a charity live stream by the title of the stream and there will always be a panel at the top with the cause we are raising money for and I will let you know how long the stream is going to be!
My Discord Server and Name
My Discord Server!:

My Name Tag!: Nikki_kun#9495