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Hello there,
I am a 15 year old trying to grow as a streamer. I have been playing video games all my life and have been slowly getting into streaming. I have tried many platforms to grow a following and none of them have worked. I recently started dlive and everyone is so welcoming. If you stop by, drop a follow. It's free and helps me out so much! I stream things from minecraft to . You don't have to donate lino either, a follow is enough. If you want to donate, go ahead, I'm not going to stop you. Anyways, love you dudes. Hopefully I will be able to meet you all in a stream!
SMP Dlive
Click the Image to apply to join SMP Dlive. SMP Dlive is a server where streaming play vanilla, survival minecraft and have fun with each other. If someone is on the server they must be streaming in order to play. (Some exceptions may be allowed depending on me our ClaytonDoesThings)

SMP Dlive Discord Server:

100 Lino = Prank
300 Lino = Hit