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Hi, my name is ninthbot9 but you can call me bot for short. I am a young passionate gamer who till date only plays mobile games such as PUBGM, Fortnite Mobile, Critical ops and much more. I am looking to grow and with the help of u fellow viewers this could be the time.

If you do want to play with me don't spam the chat with "Can I play" or "how do I join" I will mention on stream title whether I will be doing solos, or playing with subs, or viewers. Any constant spam will result in 3 warnings of timeout and then the banhammer if not listened towards.

Apart from all this hope u enjoy my gameplay and do hit the follow button and subscribe if u enjoy the content to keep the stream alive and grow as a community.

Rules of stream:
Comply with all the platform TOS and rules
Be respectful towards me and anyone else who it viewing
Don't said promote any sign of self promotion will get 1 timeout which if done again will result in instant ban.