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Notice: Because this stream contains No Commentary, there will be abrupt blackscreens/freezing and stream endings.
I thank all viewers for even considering to watch this stream without any interaction from the host.
All contributions and donations are highly, highly valued and appreciated.
Thank you. <3


Q: Why do you not use a facecam, or at least a microphone?
A: If I wanted to make a stream for my commentary on games, I would. A lot of people say I have a voice for radio, actually.
I just lack the proper funding and necessary equipment; so I instead focus on the game instead of the commentary.
Plus I live in a busy household with next to no privacy during the day.

Q: Why do you not interact with the chat?
A: Again, partially because of a lack of funding and partially because it draws my attention away from the content I am streaming. If someone wants to donate a KVM switch and a monitor, that would be great hehe.
Also, I'm probably going AFK or pausing enough mid-stream as is, so I don't want to pause more content than I have to.

Q: Do you stream often?
A: I have an Evening-Night job Thursday through Sunday and attend college, plus am a caretaker to a member of family.
The straightforward answer is yes, but only if and when I get the opportunity to stream.

Q: Do you ever look at the chat?
A: At the beginning and end of a stream. Maybe once in a great while I will in the middle of a stream, but always at the beginning and ends.