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Stream goals for myself as of right now is just to hit 500 followers although you are not obligated by no means to follow its nice just to have you in my chat keeping me company. Streaming is not my occupation as of right now so stream times may vary. Once hitting so many followers (not sure on determined number as of yet) I will then begin to consider mods for the channel. Potential mods will be considered by time spent in the channel, being active in chat, and rage free lol.
I want the stream to be a place where no matter who you are or whatever flaws you may feel you have, that you feel appreciated and welcomed. After all these are games we are playing and games are meant to be fun so lets do that and have fun together.

A few other streamers you may enjoy are as follows: for inspiring me to even begin to stream and remaining as a good friend, Plus he will show the Bobs for Ice cream and Diamonds. for sharing the same vision in streaming and being hilariously funny. for helping me with the stream this guy had noticed my stream title of "test stream for sound" pops in to my channel and not only helps with the sound issue but goes even farther to help me with fine tuning the quality of the stream and giving me a better understanding what some of the options do to help improve the stream (Amazing). for being a great streamer very active in helping others and blowing up her own entire team with a grenade which was hilariously funny. :p for being a great teammate, good streamer, and great relaxed personality. for being a great teammate, great person, and sharing the same style of game play if someone is going to go upfront and rush in its this guy, also a great streamer.

Also I'd like to mention that i'm sure i'm forgetting to add more people to this list due to me writing this and being tired, yes I need my coffee and a lot of it. Its people like this that make me want to stream full time eventually and continue to have fun with.