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A little background on myself, I started making YouTube videos back in 2011 when I was 13. Although they were TRASH I had a blast recording and editing them which is what made me really fall in love with creating. Fast forward to 2014 I finally saved up enough to buy a PC to stream on. At the time I was competing in tournaments for Call of Duty and streamed my team and self playing scrims and competitive matches. I continued competitive gaming for a couple of years until the Battle Royale genre came along. Once I got a taste I fell in love. I stopped competing and started grinding H1Z1 on live stream. I found my first bit of grow during that time and continued to stream and create videos on BRs. As H1s lifespan had come to an end I played other games and one in particular blew up, a little random indie game named Rules of Survival. While streaming and making videos I gained 1,000,000+ Subscribers on my Youtube channel and quit my day job. Now I get to do what I love for a living! Anyway as time moved on so did I and with the direction Youtube has been taking I started searching for new platforms that were more community friendly. That's when I found Dlive, I've been here since Nov 2018. The support from this platform has been unreal! In January 2019 I was named the first Global Partner on the site! I now stream here exclusively on the daily and cannot wait to see where this platform goes!

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