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About Me
*- Cali is my name, you may also call me Kitty or Nosfer. If you know my real name, please do not use it in Chat. I would appreciate it.

*- I'm 32.

*- I live in California, so all streams will be PST. There is no set schedule as of right now.

*- Variety streamer, though you'll see me play a ton of VNs, probably.

*- The cute little icons in all of my banners/stream art were made at

*- I do not have face cam. I probably won't have face cam for a while.

*- My computer is an Out of the Box Acer with basic parts and can barely stand its own life, let alone run some of the biggest game titles at the moment. Expect slight choppiness with frames and things until I can get a new one. My apologies.

*- I do YouTube as well. Link in the box over there -->

*- I will always try to link to the current game, if at all possible. A lot of my favorite things to play are Indie titles made by small teams or single individuals on , and I like being able to give credit where it's due.
NosferKitty Gaming
Here's my Youtube channel for anyone interested.

I try to post Monday, Wednesday and Friday, 4pm PST, with the occasional weekend video.
*- Please use your head. If you think something might be offensive to say, don't say it.

*- Bullying, Racism, Homophobia and other hate-based speech and/or actions will not be tolerated. First offense earns a warning, second is a ban. No exceptions.

*- MIND THE MODS!! they're here for a reason and they deserve just as much respect as anyone else in this chat.

*- English only, please.

*- Game suggestions and Stream Ideas are appreciated, but I would prefer that they're kept to a minimum.

*- Have fun and be nice to one another. :)
* - I Love You, Colonel Sanders! A Finger Lickin’ Good Dating Simulator -

* - Sea of Wonders: A Dracula Adaptation -

* - CUPID -
TODAY'S GAME: Degraman (Demo)
The full version is supposed to be NSFW. The demo is not

You live a normal life. You listen to your mother like a good daughter. You go to College like a good student. You take care of stray cats like a good Samaritan. Life is measured, dull, and monotonous, but calm and predictable. You always know that tomorrow will be the same as it is today. The same as it was yesterday...

But all of that is gone in a moment, washed away in a stream of crystal clear water.