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My name is Jordan, better known as NotJo, and I am a professional Rocket League player. I am one of the two sitting Directors of Nebula eSports, and I currently am on team Stardust (1700-1750+), and previously on Exotic and Galaxy (1650). In late April 2020, I was the Senior Advisor of Underline RL and was able to secure a partnership with Matcherino in only 10 days after joining. From March 2019 to April 2020, I was a member of Absolute Leverage eSports where I played the roles of Rocket League Player, Rocket League Team Captain, and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Manager.
Be kind.
Respect other humans.
Include everyone.
No bullying, sexism, racism, homophobia or other hate-based chat Yes, there is a difference between a meme and straight hate).
Don’t spam the chat excessively.
No spoilers to a game, TV show or film.
Don’t argue with people over chat — especially the moderators.
Please ONLY speak in English unless specifically asked otherwise by myself (so I can reply to what you are saying and other people in chat can understand the conversation).
No advertising or self-promotion (Unless, of course, you are me:).
Q: How old are you?
A: I am 19 years old.

Q: Where are you from?
A: I am from South Carolina, USA.

Q: What kind of games do you play?
A: I typically play Rocket League (shocker), Dead by Daylight, SCP: Secret Laboratory, CS:GO, and COD: MW. Sometimes I switch it up, so if you want to see my complete Steam game list, click here!

Q: When do you usually go live?
A: Honestly, there's no telling! I'm trying to get more consistent as of late, but I just don't have a schedule right now.

Q: Why do you shamelessly plug?
A: It's quite simple, really. When I shamelessly plug, I literally only do it for shits and giggles just to see what happens. Don't get butthurt that I do it, because if you do then I'll pull out a spicy ad-break on you. c:

Q: I hear you say "I'm gay" out of context quite often, is it true, and if so, why do you say it so often?
A: Yes I'm gay, and I say it for funny haha.
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Motherboard: MSI Z370 Gaming M5
Processor: Intel i7-8700k Coffee Lake (Overclocked to 4.8GHz)
Liquid Cooler: Corsair Hydro h100i v2
Graphics Card: Nvidia GTX 1080 TI (Founder's Edition)
RAM: PNY XLR8 DDR4 3200MHz (8gb x 4)
SSD: PNY CS900 240GB
HDDs: Western Digital Blue 2.5" 750gb
WD Re 2TB (2012)

Monitors: Primary Monitor - Acer ED242QR 23.6"
Secondary Monitor - AOC E2429SWHE 23.6"
Microphone: Blue Yeti
Headphones: Hyper X Cloud Alpha Headset
Keyboard: Steelseries Apex 7
Mouse: Steelseries Rival 650
Xbox Controller: Razer Wolverine Ultimate
Webcam: Logitech c920

Virtual Reality Headset: Oculus Quest 2
Headphones: Same as seated PC play - Hyper X Cloud Alpha
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