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Hey, I'm a 22 y/o french canadian.
I've been learning programming via school for around 3 years now, though I got into programming a couple years before that. I was mostly following tutorials and did not really grasp how code worked.
I guess I should have learnt how to code before attempting to create games..! oops :')

That said, I am back at attempting to create a game now that I feel like I have most of the
mental tools required.

I should also add that I do not have any particular plans as to what I want to do with this channel right now!
I'm interested in all sorts of stuff! I'll still try to dedicate streams to the development of my current game project. :)

Do not shy away from questions!! I may look mean, serious and use strong language, but I'm still chill most of the time. :P

As for Rules:
-Be respectful: I'm not here to teach you basic humanism.
-Avoid politics and religion: there is no need for unnecessary fights.
-You can share links so long as you are not flooding chat.
-Don't poach.

Let me know what you do as work, what you like spending your free time on and what you think of the stream! ^^
I have much to learn about streaming all together...!!!

Finally, as for Schedule:
I do not have any plans currently.
I usually find myself working on my current project at 6:30am EDT for a couple hours.
I could easily change my schedule to fit viewer preferences if enough interest seems to be shown, but I doubt it.
Change my mind! ;D