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Hey Everyone!!!

My name is Nurse Hyperion and I'm a 28 year old girl living in the USA.

S stream all sorts of games including osu!, Stardew Valley, Corpse Party and Danganronpa. I do however have over 250 games in my steam library (I swear I'm not obsessed) and will definitely be streaming with my wonderful husband JBHyperion.

If you haven't worked it out yet, I LOVE pokemon, especially Pikachu and Togepi. I also enjoy talking to and meeting new people and am an avid supporter of both Mental Health and Epilepsy research and charities due to suffering with them both. I always say if one person enjoys my stream then that makes me happy :)

Don't be afraid to talk to me and my followers because they're all amazing and I want you to enjoy yourself in a safe and open community.

If you wanna contact me then please feel free to do so the following ways ^^

Twitter :

Discord: NurseHyperion's streaming server ( )

YouTube: Nurse Hyperion Gaming

OSU! Profile:

Steam username: Nurse Hyperion

I don't have many rules for this channel but there are a couple that are a must:

(-) Please, Please, Please do not bully other members of the community. We're all here to have fun and any bullying, racially charged or sexually motivated comments or openly attacking others will not be tolerated IN ANY WAY.

(-) Please do not spam or type in all caps. It clogs up the channel and can come across as really aggresive.

(-) Please don't post links or self promote on this channel. The only exception is myself or the moderators. It helps us to save time as we don't have to check each link to see if it's appropriate.

(-) Please don't argue with the mods or myself. We are doing what we feel is fair to the community. If you have an issue with an action that has been taken, then please send me a DM and I will respond, please do not barrage them in chat.

(-) Don't forget to have fun ^^