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My Main streaming service is Mixer so make sure you go drop a follow there for the real Interactive Livestream!

Variety Streamer! [Will probably play random games all the time.] Except Fortnite...

I'm a Viking from the depths of Scandinavia who loves Rum, Loot and Piracy!

I play all sorts of Games, Mostly into Fantasy, Shooters and Sci-Fi but i tend to delve into most Categories. I do both Multiplayer and Singleplayer games where you guys will be able to interact with somehow wheater it's helping me making decisions, Name stuff or Play with me depends on Game Title.

My passion of course is Simulation Games! You'll se lots of them here!

Don't tell me what to play. Don't talk about Religion, Politics or Age in my Chat.
I'll NEVER stream on teen probably due to my nasty habit of cursing and being a bit dirty minded sometimes.

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Stream Schedule is currently posted Weekly in my Discord.
For changes to the Schedule follow on Twitter.

Discord Channel Here:

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You can simply donate at: DONATE if you want to help and/or Enjoy my Content.

I also now have MERCH!
Streaming does cost money and every penny Helps.

Your tips will show up on Stream and it will be pinned to this page. It's not a Competition though, i appreciate all of you.

Special Thanks To:

Dipitlo - Made my Overlay and my Logo.
Redstarsage - Drawing of me with the Red Beret.

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A tonne. Ok. We don't care about numbers no more. All your love is appreciated!