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The COVID mandates made me lose my job and I am now a stay at home dad. After fleeing the totalitarian country Germany, I am hoping to start a new life here in Florida. If you can, I'd very much appreciate your support.
1. Being a fucktard = ban.
2. Cussing is fucking allowed.
3. Speak English bitches.
4. Don't ask for pronouns.
1. i5 8500 2.8GHz
2. 32GB DDR4 RipJaws V
3. Nvidia GeForce RTX 2060 6G
4. G502 HERO
5. Corsair Void Elite
6. Tyro Full HD Webcam
7. Liam&Dann Poscast Microphone
8. 24' Samsung F350
9. 24' Samsung D340
I am the German-Floridian-Streamer! Behold my quality content. Attributes: level design, scripting, video/sound/image editing. Started using game development tools around 1995. Streaming since 2009.