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Started at the end of October 2018, this project evolved from a one man project, into a huge community project with over 40+ helpers from all countrys.

TD2, which stands for Total Destruction 2, is part two of my TD series. The first part is already 1 year old so I decided to create a new, harder one. This Course is supposed to be the hardest verifed Course ever build!

It is divided into 5 main Sections.


Section 1
This Section consists out of 55 Checkpoints. The Style is like Total Destruction 1, just longer, and way harder.

You can divide this Section into different parts aswell. First of all, there is the beginning part. It connects the core and the islands. It consists out of ~5 Checkpoints. This is still more easy. The Core part was supposed to be Total Destruction 2 as I started the project back in October 2018. It consists out of 20 Checkpoints and is relatively easy since it’s already 6 months old.

Finally we have the 1000 blocks road. Those connect the Core End with Section 2. My first thoughts were to connect the Core with Sec2 by using portals but that would have been boring, right?

The first 500 blocks are covered with ~12 shorter Checkpoints with increasing difficulty. The last 500 blocks are build in a dark design and by far the hardest part of Section 1 and maybe in whole td2. It has ~8 Checkpoints with an insane difficulty and length. (I fear them a lot).

Building this took around 100 hours with a lot of helpers (So far over 50)

Section 2
My Plan was creating a Map with diversity. Therefor I wanted to Include atleast one Section in a Rankup Style. That means No Checkpoints at all. But in the end it turned out to be, by far, the hardest Rankup Course ever build. (That’s potentially possible)

First of all it consists out of 9 Cubes with a length of 29x29x29. (Text WIP)