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Hey! I'm Darren if you're new to the stream. I've been a gaming enthusiast since Pong was a thing... Now I enjoy hanging out with an unbelievably great group of friends and streaming games while chatting it up! I couldn't be more grateful for the amazing people who take the time to come into my stream and spend some time! Come join us! Join usssssssss....... Don't eat the cake, it's a lie..
All the Links! Merch and other channels! Boom!
#deadbydaylight #oldmanbronze #DLive #dbd #bronzebrigade
Want to support the stream.

Today, with multiple platforms, different arrangements and requirements for each. Every platform taking it's cut before the streamer sees it. Patreon is the best way to go.

Same money you send to support on any other platform, but more of it goes to the creator and less of it goes to fees.

We have 2 merch giveaways a month, so it basically is a pretty decent chance at getting something neat outside of some fancy emotes.

The ranks are growing, it helps me give back and it helps me improve the stream!

Thank you for your continued support!
Stream Schedule
I like to have a schedule where people can look forward to seeing me every day. Because I look forward to seeing them, every day.

Monday through Friday 5PM -7PM Central Time!

Be there!