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Racism, sexism, derogatory comments are not welcome. Any use of them result in an Instant Ban

Use Appropriate Language. Talk to everyone how you'd want to be talked to. No swearing, that will result in a time-out

Be kind to each other. Being rude to other viewers will result in 3 warnings.
1. Told to stop by me
2. Time out
3. Instant Ban

Respect me. I'm not here to tolerate disrespectful comments. I'm streaming for fun.

English is the main language here. Please respect that.

Do not discuss politics. We are not that type of community.

If I say stop then stop. I'm not your mother I shouldn't have to tell you to stop.

If you don't think it's right, Don't do it!!!

Respect others privacy. If it's something personal, don't pester them to share. You can ask but, if they wish to share they will!

Any break of the rules will result in an INSTANT BAN!
Musical Prisms
My Singing Channel.
Hi, everyone! My name is OneGirlll. I like doing anything creative. I'll make a lot of game and singing videos here. I'm obsessed with writing. I sing anything, write stories, and other random things I pick up.