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Currently I plan on streaming:

Friday - Saturday; Tuesday and Wednesday
11:00 AM - 12:30 PM EST.

I may start streaming earlier or end the stream later, so follow me if you wish to know when I'm online! :]
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***PRINCESS PAEOSFU: JOURNEYS OF THE ABSTRACT PRINCESS*** is an adventure, sci-fi fantasy comic following Princess Paeosfu's journey in overthrowing the government.

**Summary:** Tayavon has been invaded. While the rulers confront the external problem, rebellion brews on the planet. The Tayans demand why they must suffer when they lived peacefully and happily for so many Milky Moons. They are infuriated their rulers tell them nothing about the invaders. Most importantly, their views of the rulers being immortal had been shattered. Three of the five rulers had been killed. One is attempting to maintain the peace. The other is working in the shadows.

***PIT PAT VALLEY*** is a slice-of-life fantasy coming exploring my faerie universe through the eye of Valley, a fairy who only wants to be a cog in the machine.

Valley only wanted to live her life as a normal faerie in the cogs of her world, but two vengeful spirits, whom she "affectionately" named Pit and Pat, with the ability to use her body at will makes blending in harder than she'd like.
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Commission Details
See website ( www.operationugawts.com/commissions ) for details and examples.

Static Base Prices
* Sketch $10
* Line Art - Raster and Vector $20
* Flat Grey Scale $30
* Vector Colored $30
* Raster Colored $45

Static Add Ons
* Involved background starts at $5
* Additional characters starts at $5 each

Animation Base Prices
* 3 Second $60 @ 24FPS
*No color. ​
*No background.
*Raster character animation.
* 3 Second $84 FPS
*Colored, raster character animation.​
*No background.
* Abstract / Minimal vector animation starts at $25/second of animation
*Simple background.​

Animation Add Ons
* Additional characters $15 each.
* Static background starts at $5.
* Animated background starts at $15 / second of animation.

See website: https://www.operationugawts.com/commissions ) for details and examples.

Email me at opugawts@gmail.com ​ with subject line "Commission for ____", where blank is what you want.

For example "Commission for Line Art with Two Characters."​

Please provide reference images or a description in this email. I should get back to you within two to 3 business days!