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Here is a panel for twitter :D
If you want to follow me on twitter to join the notification groupation (you though I was going to say squad?).
- Please, No racism or offensive language in the chat. I'm trying to make this a supportive and amazing environment for all.

- Also, no self promotion, this is more of a nit picky thing but still, it's not going to help you.

- Please, don't start anything in chat with another viewer... that's what's the discord is for ;)!

For you information: Any offensive language as in direct insults to other viewers that is not taken in good heart will be met with a swift soft ban of a week. Any racism and you will be banned for a week. Any self promotion and you have 3 warnings. MOST IMPORTANTLY: If continued offensive are observed, the punishment will increase.
This is my gears and stuffz
Here u can see and maybe get some of the amazing, pure, GAMER gear.
OreOscar's Donation Location!
Here you can support me to continue streaming as I am!
Goals and Boals... idk ok.
My goals are simple:

- Build an amazing community

- Play epic games

- Meet like-minded individuals

- Get Plat cause flick me, it's impossible on my own
Schedule Lochedule!
If you want to know the next time I go live here is the place. "N/A" means either I won't be able to make it or there is no stream. This is updated daily so remember to keep a constant eye on it!
Now, I know. Not many people here like twitch. There is an alternative however on the right. You can send sponsored messages and it will still come through on notifications. I will be moving and staying on Twitch, however I will stream 3 times a week for at least 2 hours (at least for now) on dlive only so we can still grow this community. I have ceased to stream on dlive and twitch at the same time. So I can interact with this community separately to make people feel special.
Hi, I have found an amazing new platform. It's name is loots.com . It's a new streaming platform that allows people to make free contributions to the stream. When I'm on dlive I'm always on loots and same with when I'm on Twitch. So to grow an amazing joint community I am going to be bringing these amazing communities together! This will be using the power of loots. It's also the best for the community as I love both dlive and Twitch!
Humble Bundle!
THIS IS NOT A SPONSORED MESSAGE: Humble Bundle is amazing. So, basically imagine a way to get 5 - 10 games a month worth over $150 for only $12 a month. This is great for content creators but also for the consumer as you get more games for SOOOO much less.

Games This Month:
- Spiro, the trilogy
- Crash Bandicoot Nsane Trilogy